Cheap hosting from just R25 in South Africa – Saglohost

Cheap hosting from just R25 in South Africa – Saglohost

Saglohost is here to make web hosting simple. You can now get started and host a website or business emails for just R25 a month. We are a new hosting platform company based in Johannesburg with the intention to make hosting accessible to everyone.

What is a Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a space where you can store your website files (Website code, images, videos, music) and emails to make them accessible on the web browser to anyone using the internet. Every website you know or has ever visited online is somehow hosted in a server space called Web Hosting.

A hosting space works hand in hand with a domain name. You will need a domain name address that will be the path address to your website. You can buy domain names from Saglohost for as little as R100. We sell domains TLD’s including, com,, .mobi and many others.

Once you have a domain name and a hosting space, you will be ready to get started.

Learn the difference between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting

There are various hosting methods and solutions in this day and age. But quality hosting always stands out. Criteria such as servers’ uptime, locations, pricing, and support should help you know which hosting would work best for you.

Why you should consider Saglohost Web Hosting?

Saglohost is managed by a brilliant team of designers, developers, and technicians at Saglotech. Not only are they available every time you need help with hosting, but they are very knowledgeable to actually understand different problems that you may encounter when working on websites.

This is why we believe hosting with Saglohost is good for your business.

  • Technical Knowhow – When hosting online, so many things could go wrong. You need a team that will solve the issues and help you get back online on time.
  • Support – Saglohost Web Hosting has a robust support system allowing you to reach us with emails, tickets, and WhatsApp line. You will always get us ready to assisst you.
  • Pricing – We offer affordable/cheap hosting that works perfectly.
  • Local / International Servers – Our severs are in South Africa and also outside of the country. This ensures backup when our local servers are not able to service you.
  • Unrestricted Services – We do not restrict our hosting service. Get unlimited emails, databases, banwidth and more. Services are subject to a fair-use policy.
  • We use cPanel – cPanel is a powerfull web hosting management software that allows to manage all your website hosting needs. All our packages comes with Cpanel hosting.

Which kind of websites can I host with Saglohost?

Our service is perfectly ready for website development from WordPress system, general HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, system websites and much much more.

Once you purchase a package, the system will automatically send you cPanel login details where you will be able to install any applications, upload databases, create emails addresses and start building the websites you need.

Our cPanel comes with the Softaculous installed. Softaculous consists of many web applications that you can install and get started quickly with building a powerful website.

Get cheap hosting services

Get started with Saglohost Web Hosting today. Register for domain names and view all hosting packages and select the best package that suits your business needs. Start marketing your business online.

In case you would also need a professional web designer afterward, Saglotech Web Design can help you design a professional website for your business. From eCommerce store design, Business Websites, Online Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Saglotech Web Design is ready to assist.

With over 5 years experience of in designing websites, Saglotech is a top competitor in offering quality websites in Johannesburg.

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